First CECCC Conference

We wish to express our heart-felt appreciation to the keynote and panel speakers. We record our thanks to our fellow members of the Technical Organising Committee for their work in securing a substantial input of papers from different areas all around the world.

Prof. Lena Halounova

ISPRS Secretary General;

    Czech Technical University, Czech Republic

Speech Title :
    Presence and Future of Remote Sensing 



  Prof. Sri Krishnan

Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada


Speech Title :
    Compressive Sensing for Biomedical Signal Analysis  




  Prof. Ning Xiong

Mälardalen University, Sweden


Speech Title :
    Feature Selection in Machine Learning 








CECCC was a great conference for sharing the latest insights of academic and industrial research in the filed of Communication Engineering and Cloud Computing. We encourage interested researchers to meet us at the next conference.